special effects make-up

A strong character concept that is translated into reality properly by Special Effects Make-up is quite difficult. Not all concepts translate well, so this particular field requires quite a bit of practice and experience. To create a concept is not enough, one has to fully look at all the elements that can be translated into reality and interpret it accurately otherwise the concept itself is ruined.

Opula loves to create character concepts with a narrative in her free time. Special Effects Make-up in Sri Lanka itself is a challenge but to assemble all the elements for a fully realized concept is something else. However, that has not stopped Opula from bringing these concepts to life. From extensive research about resourcing the necessary elements and putting it together, to the end product which is the photographs you see below, this is still a very new subject here in Sri Lanka.

when she blooms

First addition to the Land of the Fae collection. This concept makes use of fresh flowers to create the bodice and headpiece with the addition of cellophane wings made using the tutorial by Fancy Fairy Angela.

Photography by Tai Hsin Shiek


A Sri Lankan Depiction of the Hindu Goddess, Kali

“Her fire burns within us.”

Kali comes to us when we call her for help. She protects us from evil. She destroys evil. If needed, she becomes evil to fight evil. 

It’s not her, who comes in material form. It’s her energy that we all carry in us and we can access that energy in case of emergency. 

Kali’s destructive and protective energy is universal. She is for everyone – but femininity has a better grasp on drawing out her power. 

In times of toxic masculinity in our patriarchal world, she assists everyone who is especially affected by this imbalance. The imbalance of female and male. The dominance of the male. The oppression of the female.

If there is injustice – she has no mercy.

The third eye on the forehead is the eye of the soul and represents awakening and divinity. 

Ancient Kandyan bridal jewellery is used to show that Kali also embodies feminine energy, creativity and fertility as an incarnation of Parvati – wife of God Shiva. 

The blood dropping out the skull symbolizes the destruction of the ego.

We chose to use a Kasthane, a traditional sinhala sword wield by kings and warriors is because in most depictions Kali is seen holding a curved sword as her main method of punishment is beheading but we wanted make sure all the elements in this concept had Sri Lankan elements to it to truly portray a Sri Lankan depiction of Kali.

Modeled by Deepthi Jayasinghe.

Photography and edits by Tai Hsin Photography.


”She waits for our return”

In Genesis, God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Eden is the anthropomorphic form of the Garden of Eden. When we die, we return to dust,we return to her. Until then, she waits for our return.

Rorschach Test

Don’t tell me what you see, but how you see it. Don’t tell me where your mind had wandered, but how it ventured out into this vastless multi-dimensional space. Tell me how you travelled from stop to stop, from checkpoint to checkpoint, only to land here on this final standstill. This one-dimensional answer is not what I’m looking for, but every turn and every toil you took to get here. 

This concept was inspired by The Rorschach Inkblot test. This concept is a memo to myself to look at people not for their opinion but rather their process of perception because the hardest part for me growing up is learning to accept people with their opinions.

Photography & Editing by Ruki Photography 

A huge thank you to Yasodhara Pathanjali for guiding my poses and making me feel super comfortable.

original characters

Mystique to The Night Knight King

fem skull look