Original Characters

cosplay | special affects & make up


”She waits for our return”

In Genesis, God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, after he created them with the soil from Eden.

Eden is the anthropomorphic form of the Garden of Eden. When we die, we return to dust, we return to her. Until then, she waits for our return.

This concept was inspired by the Slovanion mythical creature, The Bies. Hence where the Deer skull and antlers.

The plants used on the models body are living common water based plants that grow on my balcony.

Modeled by Hashini Guruge.
Photography and Edits by Ruki De Silva.

Kandy with a 'k'

The perfect girl-next-door but she has a secret.

Made of Sugar, Spice and Everything nice but she has a secret.

I could stare at her forever but…something seems off.

She has a secret but I love her anyway.