special Effects make-up

BlueBloodElf⁩, you were such a patient makeup artist! Thank you for doing such an amazing job. I didn't have to tell you about most of the retouches and you came to our rescue, making sure that everything was perfect and realistic! You're gonna go a long way with all this talent and I can't wait to see that! ❤
Yasodhara Kariyawasam
"She's a young, ambitious, hard-working woman and I highly recommend her! Thanks for a great experience."
Hashini Guruge
Helllooooo! Queen Unicorn Here! So recently, I won a chance to get a cosplay make over from the one and ONLY Blue Blood Elf (aka Opula Fonseka); it was based on the Corpse Bride (a character she's cosplayed marvellously). ....so, I'm a guy.... Why would a guy get a female make over? Is what you're thinking right now... ... But see, we're talking about Opula here.... It is one of life's goals to have Ops do your looks, cause believe me......it turns out brilliant! Initially, it excited me how I had won the opportunity, and this excitement only progressed to extreme joy, when she worked her skills on me! The PASSION, the EFFORT, the EXPERTISE, the DEDICATION....these 4 vibes were all over the place! From creativity to humorous convos Opula has everything! She knows her work like the back of her hand! The proper shadings, the proper artistry, the contour, the highlight, the safety measures..everything! This is no ordinary party look, we're talking fictional character brought to life with regards to make up, and that takes serious serious killer skills; not your everyday task, that's for sure. A true marvel at cosplaying she is! **standing ovation** #BossWork
Vishal Rav
A very energetic, fun person to work with. She is very careful while working in delicate areas and CONSTANTLY checks on you if you are fine. A really nice person with amazing talent. I still have that clown face plaster btw xD
Isira Kandanearachchi
She worked with us as a special effects makeup artist for a short film that we did and she did one hell of a job together with another makeup artist. She turned a man in to a bear! It was about an 8 hour make up but the out come was totally worth it. I recommend her to Specially film directors looking for a SFX artists. hope to work with you again cheers ! (Search on youtube if you wish to watch the film - sona the legend of an undying soul)
Chathura Goonatillake
Fun, energetic and talented are the words to describe her. I got myself a face paint of a skull, I showed the image to her on my phone she legit brought it to life. Suberb job.
Yasanjeewa Nanayakkara

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